A mix of essays and researched writing:

“Great, free poetry and the occasional crasher” on the 50th anniversary of the Alternative Press, ran in the Detroit Metro Times on March 13, 2019.

“His Favorite Lake: Superior. Mine: Michigan.” In Traverse Magazine.

My writing and illustrations appear periodically on Dead Housekeeping, where I’m one of the founding editors. My most recent essay there is called “How to Stamp a Robin.”

I wrote a reader review for “Old Maid in Michigan Playing Cards” for Metro Parent, which I’ll mention because they are really marvelous cards. You can get your mittens on them here.

The piece I originally called “Poetry and Baseball,” taking it’s title from one of Jim Gustafson’s poems, ran in the Detroit Metro Times’ April 2017 Opening Day issue.

Rudy My Love” is an illustrated Valentine I made for Hypertext. They also published an essay of mine, called “The Hole.”

Pontiac, Michigan” is my entry for the Narrative Map Project of the Great Lakes Review